DataFileBox , Renders Free File Hosting Services for its Users based on the following provisions.

I. Preface

  1. DataFileBox provides its users with an infrastructure, which enables the user to save electronic files on internet servers. After saving the files, the user receives a download link, through which his/her file can be downloaded over the internet anywhere in the world as well as a "Remove" link, with which his/her uploaded file can be removed from the server again.
  2. The files saved with DataFileBox are treated confidentially. DataFileBox does not supply any search function, with whose help the DataFileBox infrastructure can be searched. DataFileBox does not open nor view the files of its users. The files are not catalogued nor listed in tables of contents by DataFileBox.
  3. The services provided by DataFileBox are essentially free-of-charge. However, DataFileBox does offer services, which considerably increase the performance and user comfort, for a charge.

II. Upload Rules

  1. In principle, users are permitted to save any file with DataFileBox, irrespective of the file format or file content. However, files whose possession and/or distribution is illegal are excluded from this, such as
    • Child pornography
    • Works the download of which violates third party copyrights
    • Racist or violence-glorifying works
    • Instructions for criminal offenses against public order
  2. This list is not conclusive and can be extended at our will.
  3. DataFileBox will immediately block such contents after being notified of them and delete these files after an inspection phase of 14 days. Furthermore, it will delete files, which are identical to previously deleted files.
  4. DataFileBox is entitled to terminate the contractual relationship with users, who infringe upon these upload rules without notice, to block the access of said users and/or to delete the accounts of such users including all the contents.

III. Free Use

  1. At its discretion, DataFileBox shall provide its users with administration and storage capacities. It is entitled to temporarily prohibit the saving of new files, set limits for the maximum possible file sizes, to only begin downloading files after a waiting period, to limit the transfer speed and to limit the maximum number of permitted downloads per file. DataFileBox hereby refers to the fact that, in order to clean its hard drive, it is entitled to delete those files which have not been accessed for a longer period of time. However, this deletion shall only take place after 30 days have passed since the end of the last download. If a file has not been accessed for download, the minimum storage period of 30 days shall begin with the completion of upload.
  2. Users of the DataFileBox infrastructure shall have the option of registering free-of-charge. Through this registration, they can expand the functions of the DataFileBox services and view and manage all files, which have been uploaded using this account. The users are obligated to keep the user names and passwords of their accounts secret. It is not permitted to forward user names and passwords to third parties.

IV. Availability; Data & Security

  1. Principally, DataFileBox shall provide the functions listed in Number I. (1) 24 hours per day and seven days per week. However, this availability only has a guaranteed monthly average availability rate of 99%. Times, during which the server cannot be accessed via the internet due to technical or other problems, which are not within the sphere of influence of DataFileBox (third party faults, force majeure, etc.), are excluded from this.
  2. DataFileBox shall endeavour to keep necessary maintenance works as brief as possible. DataFileBox will only temporarily restrict the access to its services if the security or functionality of network operations urgently requires this. Should such restrictions (for example, to defend against hacker attacks) be required, DataFileBox will immediately inform its users of the background to this restriction. Should it be foreseeable that downtimes for maintenance or software updates will last longer than three hours, DataFileBox will notify its users of this at least three days before carrying out the work.

V. Miscellaneous

  1. DataFileBox will inform users of accounts about changes to the General Terms and Conditions before they come into effect. If the user has acquired a chargeable product and changes are made to this product which disadvantage the user, then the user shall be entitled to terminate the contractual relationship within a period of four weeks after receiving notification of the changes. If the user does not make use of his/her right to terminate the contract, then the changes shall be deemed accepted and shall become effective components of the contract. DataFileBox shall be obligated to refer the user to this rule once again when providing notification of the new General Terms and Conditions.
  2. Should a term of the contract or a condition in the General Terms and Conditions be or become wholly or partially ineffective, then the validity of the contract or the General Terms and Conditions shall remain unaffected by this. Another condition shall be put in place of the ineffective condition, which comes closest to the purpose of this condition in a legally effective manner. This shall also apply in the case that there is a loophole.

By using our site and/or service, you agree that we are authorized to block your access and delete your files for any violation of our Conditions of Use or for the following reason.

We have a policy of terminating, without notice and without recourse, accounts of subscribers or account holders who are repeat infringers of copyright, and you agree that we may apply that policy to your account or subscription in our sole judgment based upon a suspicion on our part or a notification we receive regardless of proof of infringement.

If you write programs aiming to violate our Conditions of Use, you will be prosecuted and made liable for any losses occurred.